Turbocharger  $1,690.00
Turbocharger  $1,350.00
Gated Boost Controller  $90.00
Nissan Intercooler   $2,236.36   Details
Holden Rodeo Intercooler   $2,236.36   Details

Intercooler Kits

Intercoolers deliver up to 20% more power. Turbo Australia supply and fit water to air intercooler systems and the benefits of this system is the significant drop in the air temperature being delivered to the engine.
Charge air coolers increases the density of the air discharged from the turbo compressor by cooling the turbo allowing greater volumes of charge air to enter the engine cylinders for increased power and fuel economy.
At Turbo Australia we install a water to air Intercooler and there are a number of reason we choose this system.
  1. A water to air intercooler system is more efficient at cooling air temperatures than air to air intercoolers.
  2. Common aftermarket extras like bullbars and winches need to be removed when installing an air to air intercooler kit. When installing a water to air system with Turbo Australia, these extras like bullbars can remain on your vehicle.
  3. Charge air temperatures from entering to exiting the intercooler barrel are considerably less by up to 49 degrees celcius.
  4. Air to air systems require more plumbing which increases the turbo lag. The water to air has less air to charge and the straight flow through minimizes air pressure dip across the intercooler.
  5. An independent glycol filled system cools the charge air between the turbo and intake manifold.
  6. Internal baffles in the liquid chamber maximize the heat exchange between the charge air and glycol.
  7. The intercooler liquid runs a seperate small and highly efficient radiator and fan so it does not contribute heat to your existing engine cooling systems.
  8. The straight forward design allows an easy fitment and all systems come complete with fitting instructions and a detailed parts list.

How much will an intercooler cost?

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