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Turbocharger  $1,350.00
Gated Boost Controller  $90.00
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Garrett Turbochargers

Turbo Australia is an official distibutor for Garrett Turbochargers.
Garrett the brand of Honeywell Turbo Technologies for light vhicle turbo applications this is the leader in the market. In fact 2004 global statistics show that this company alone had a 42 per cent share of the worldwide market, selling 9 million turbochargers that year. Besides being the largest brand, this brand is the oldest too; with a history stretching back to 1936 when Cliff Garrett formed the company in a one room in Los Angeles. Today, its customer list includes brands like AUDI, BMW, Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, Renault, SAAB among others.
Through names such as AiResearch, AlliedSignal, and the Honeywell of today, Garrett has sustained its reputation for revolutionizing turbocharger technologies. Its patented dual ball bearing turbos for high performance vehicles, has made it very poplar with original equipment manufacturers as well as many race teams worldwide.
Turbo Australia is an official distibutor for Garrett turbochargers in Australia. We supply a wide range of turbocharrs for all applications,. Do you have a specific need or application? Give us a call or simplly fill out your details and a professional Turbo Australia representative will contact you!  
We also perform Quality TURBOCHARGER REPAIRS for most turbochargers.


Performance Turbochargers
Turbo Australia also stock Garrett GT performace turbochargers. We stock the GT25, GT27 GT30, and the GT35 Range of performance Turbochargers.
The range of GT turbochargers Turbo Australia stock are Garrett's ball bearing cartridge, these turbochargers have proven their worth in the highest level of motorsports where it has been the bearing system of choice in CART FEDEX Champ Car Series, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, World Rally Championship, and most recently Drag Racing. These premier racing customers demand no less than the best in durability, reliability, and power on demand. One key contributor to this performance lies in the ball bearing cartridge where it is, by design, surrounded by a thin film of oil. The oil film damps out destructive vibrations that would otherwise compromise turbo durability.
A clear demonstration of the inherent superiority of Garrett's ball bearing design is in the launch of a turbocharged drag race car. The two-step rev limiters used to build boost on the line expose the turbo to the harshest imaginable conditions of pressure spikes and scorching temperatures. Where lesser turbos often fail catastrophically, Garrett ball bearing turbos regularly shrug off these brutal conditions time after time. In fact, many drag racers running Garrett ball bearing turbos have not needed to rebuild or replace their turbos for multiple seasons. Can you say that about your turbo?
Combined with the aerodynamically advanced Garrett GT wheel design, Garrett GT ball bearing turbos provide improved drivability and power on demand.
Turbo Australia also stock the TO4Z Performance Turbocharger.
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