Turbocharger  $1,690.00
Turbocharger  $1,350.00
Gated Boost Controller  $90.00
Nissan Intercooler   $2,236.36   Details
Holden Rodeo Intercooler   $2,236.36   Details


Plug in for Power and Economy

Improving the performance or power to weight ration of your vehicle will give you better fuel consumption, as the engine is more efficient you will not need to drive the vehicle as hard to obtain the same power to weight ration and hence better fuel economy.

This is a Performance module that will help improve the power and economy of your diesel or petrol Engine!

By fitting one of Turbo Australia's DIESEL POWER electronic tuning modules you can increase the power and performance of your diesel engine and improve your FUEL economy.
Diesel Power provides an effective, safe and dependable solution for diesel driving customers searching for a product that delivers reliable, genuine, smooth and transitional performance without compromising quality or safety. With 15 adjustable settings all common rail diesel vehicles simply plug in and drive away.
The tuning model works by regulating the fuel delivery time to the engine, which optimises the vehicles power. While some tuners regulate the diesel pump delivery (VP style), the Diesel Power common rail tuners regulate the fuel pressure to optimise the timing and quantity of diesel delivery on each revolution. By working with the signal from the ECU and making thousands of calculations per second, power and drivability is enhanced without disturbing the vehicle’s factory safety features.
The most important feature of the Diesel Power range is that all components such as the turbo and injection systems improve the vehicles performance without putting any extra strain on the engine.

Some Testimonials (results will vary from vehicle to vehicle)

2007 model Toyota 70 series single turbo V8 manual, with a camper mounted on the tray used to consume 15.9 Litres per 100km before installation. With the Diesel Power Module fitted our customer noticed an increase in economy by as much as 9.5% with a recorded consumption of 14.5 Litres per 100km.

An owner of a 2006 Mitsubishi Triton 3.2 Litre 4M41 manual reported even better results. Initial fuel consumption was 14.8 Litres per 100km before installation of the Diesel Power Module. After installation our customer noticed an improvement by as much as 3 Litres per 100km a wapping 25% improvement.

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